With a retro style in its cafeterias, the Hierro Brothers group has just inaugurated its third location that functions as a coworking.

The Hierro Brothers group recently opened its third cafeteria called “Kilómetro Cero” in Murillo province, Bolivia, which has a different concept that mixes the structure of a cafeteria and coworking.

According to Bolivia Retail Report, the company based in the city of La Paz, made the first opening of the coffee called “The Writers” in the Gisbert Bookstore.

Later, he opened his second store in the same province called “Bronzee Coffeebar”.

“La Paz, with all its controversies, scandal and topography is sexy, eclectic. If it’s not beautiful, it’s photogenic. No other city in Latin America or the world gives you all that: eclecticity, contemporaneity, topography and now gastronomy, “said Boris Alarcón, representative of the cafeteria chain at the Siete newspaper.

Thus, the constructions of the coffee shops of the Hierro Brothers group are distinguished by using very old structures, and in this way, emit a retro style.

“The cafes or restaurants in old structures are the most beautiful. This is seen in New York and the largest capitals in the world, where museums, old bookstores or buildings conceived more than 100 years ago have become recreational spaces, “explains Alarcón.

The Hierro Brothers business group specializes in offering its clients comfortable and architecturally well-designed environments. It also offers its visitors the opportunity to taste the best coffee in Bolivia, served by professional baristas.

The Economic Commission for Latin America (ECLAC) in the report Preliminary Overview of the Economies of Latin America and the Caribbean, highlights that Bolivia will register again this year the highest economic growth rate in the region. This prediction would be important for new foreign investments to reach that country.

Source: https://www.peru-retail.com/grupo-hierro-brothers-abre-tercera-cafeteria-bolivia/
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